Hi, nice to meet you! My name is PJ and I am the Editor of Her Pink Jersey.

I am a life long sports fan, an avid fashion lover, sneakerhead and foodie. Four years ago, Her Pink Jersey was created to merge my interests of sports, fashion and lifestyle. For the record, as a proud Southerner–born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, I bleed red & black for the Georgia Bulldogs (#DawgNation) and both the Atlanta Falcons. #RiseUp 

I am a 30-something-year-old with a background in fashion, PR and communications (in that order). Admittedly, when I created the site I had a very different concept in mind. I didn’t want to do a stats based site cause there are literally a million of those.  LITERALLY. Plus, I struggled in stats class both in undergrad AND grad school.  (I subsequently changed my major).  Over the years, my love of the fashion and lifestyle aspect of sports has grown tremendously and have evolved to what you see now on the site. To date, I have worked with Tommy Bahama, Dockers and Westbrook Frames.

I feel like sports, athletes especially have such a hold on the public. Lebron James, Serena Williams, Odell Beckham Jr and Steph Curry are a few that come to mind.

More recently, I realized that there was something missing from the site–me. Crazy right? Aside from the occasional sneaker post on Instagram, I am nowhere to be found! So in the name of growth and a bit of freshness, I’ve decided to (re) introduce myself to the world. You will see in me in upcoming Game Day Fashion & Lifestyle posts. I would describe my style as trendy and affordable. Honestly, I do have a bit (by a bit I mean a huge) of a shopping problem, which could be viewed as really good or really bad….

I believe the sports fashionista and fashionisto can be stylish while cheering for their respective teams. Let’s reach beyond the typical polo shirt and khaki pant combo. PLEASE.

I DON’T believe that you have to spend a ton of money to be stylish (although a few investment pieces never hurt!) With the site, I will keep you informed on the latest trends in sports fashion and lifestyle as I always have. As mentioned above, I am introducing more personal fashion and lifestyle to the site. I also want to show women, especially, that you can be both stylish and a sports fan!

As a writer by profession and passion, I channel my creative energy here. My love of fashion and sports have been stewing in me since childhood.  Her Pink Jersey has been a labor of love, that has been totally worth it!


More questions? Email me here