Madison Keys Got Into Tennis Because Of Fashion: “I saw Venus Williams, and I wanted her outfit!”

Madison Keys is talking her love of fashion. In the September issue of Vogue, the 22-year-old tennis star, who is playing in the US Open, attributes her start in tennis  to actually wanting a dress. The Illinois native explained,

When I was 4, I walked into my parents’ bedroom and Wimbledon was on TV. I saw Venus Williams, and I wanted her outfit! So the reason I started tennis was fashion. I made a deal that if I’d start playing tennis, they [Keys’s parents] would buy me an outfit. I started playing and I fell in love with it. Growing up, I just remember these iconic Nike outfits that I was obsessed with. I’d see them on TV and I’d think, “That’s what I need for my next tournament.”

She also discussed her relationship with fashion outside the court stating,

I’m all over the board. I like to take simple looks and add my personal flair to them. Sometimes people describe me as “grungy boho,” meaning that I’ll wear ripped jeans, a flow-y dress, and combat boots. But I just got this pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes, black suede sandals with pearls across the top and on the heel, and I’ve put together 16 outfits in my head already!

It’s different for red carpet events. For the Wimbledon party [in July], for example, I’ll start looking for a dress in November. I wore a Self-Portrait blue dress for Wimbledon last year. It was very different than anything else I had done—that was one of my favorite looks.

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